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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Caprine humoral response to Burkholderia pseudomallei antigens during acute melioidosis from aerosol exposure 18th Sep 2018
2.8 A resolution cryo-EM structure of human parechovirus 3 in complex with Fab from a neutralizing antibody 6th Sep 2018
Global Ratio of Hypovolemic Shock in Gynecology Patients: Systematic Case Study Review 5th Sep 2018
malaria Bookmark
Antimicrobial resistance prevalence and rates of hospitalization with septicemia in the diagnosis in adults in different US states 30th Aug 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Levels of prescribing for four major antibiotic classes and rates of septicemia hospitalization in different US states 30th Aug 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Importance of vitamin D in critically ill children with subgroup analyses of sepsis and respiratory tract infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis 17th Aug 2018
Risk factors contributing to Bacteraemia at a Tertiary Cancer Center in South Asia 10th Aug 2018
Joint sequencing of human and pathogen genomes reveals the genetics of pneumococcal meningitis 8th Aug 2018
Etiology of fever in ugandan children identification of microbial pathogens using metagenomic nextgeneration sequencing and idseq a platform for unbiased metagenomic analysis 6th Aug 2018
malaria metagenomics Bookmark
Developing a newborn rat model of meningitis without concomitant bacteremia by intraventricular injection of k1 escherichia coli 4th Aug 2018
Statins improve the longterm survival in the survived sepsis patients a nationwide cohort study in taiwan 28th Jul 2018
Epithelial restitution defect in neonatal jejunum is rescued by juvenile mucosal homogenate in a pig model of intestinal ischemic injury and repair 26th Jul 2018
Identification of pyroptosis inhibitors that target a reactive cysteine in gasdermin d 25th Jul 2018
Using machine learning to guide targeted and locallytailored empiric antibiotic prescribing in a childrens hospital in cambodia 25th Jul 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Crohns disease patients effectively mobilize peripheral blood stem cells to perform autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation 25th Jul 2018
stem_cells Bookmark
HIV protease inhibitor Saquinavir inhibits toll-like receptor 4 activation by targeting receptor dimerization C. Peng...
H. Xu
23rd May 2018
Physiomarkers in Real-Time Physiological Data Streams Predict Adult Sepsis Onset Earlier Than Clinical Practice F. V. Wyk...
R. Kamaleswaran
15th May 2018
streaming Bookmark
Glycosylation-associated dysregulation of pyocyanin production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Implications for quorum sensing regulation A. K. Mcclinton...
E. A. Cioffi
10th May 2018
cystic_fibrosis Bookmark
Multi-omics approach identifies novel pathogen-derived prognostic biomarkers in patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa bloodstream infection M. Willmann...
S. Peter
28th Apr 2018
Non-intravenous, carbapenem-sparing antibiotics for the treatment of bacteremia due to ESBL or AMP-C {beta}-lactamase: A propensity score study Y. Meije...
J. Martinez-Montauti
18th Apr 2018