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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
The evolution of protein domain repertoires: shedding light on the origins of herpesviruses 21st Sep 2018
eQTL network analysis reveals that regulatory genes are evolutionarily older and bearing more types of PTM sites in Coprinopsis cinerea 21st Sep 2018
eqtl Bookmark
Genotyping by low-coverage whole-genome sequencing in intercross pedigrees from outbred founders: a cost efficient approach 21st Sep 2018
Dynamic Processing of Displacement Loops During Recombinational DNA Repair 21st Sep 2018
Biolistic transformation of Haematococcus pluvialis with constructs based on the flanking sequences of its endogenous alpha tubulin gene 19th Sep 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Beating Swords into Ploughshares: Domestication of a Phage Lysin for Housekeeping Function 17th Sep 2018
Linkage analysis and haplotype phasing in experimental autopolyploid populations with high ploidy level using hidden Markov models 14th Sep 2018
polyploid Bookmark
Reshuffling yeast chromosomes with CRISPR/Cas9 13th Sep 2018
crispr Bookmark
The 22q11 low copy repeats are characterized by unprecedented size and structure variability 13th Sep 2018
bionano Bookmark
Distinct evolutionary dynamics of horizontal gene transfer in drug resistant and virulent clones of Klebsiella pneumoniae 13th Sep 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Genome-wide admixture is common across the Heliconius radiation 12th Sep 2018
Repression of Transcription Factor AP-2 Alpha by Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Gamma Reveals a Novel Transcriptional Circuit in basal-squamous Bladder Cancer 7th Sep 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
A versatile platform strain for high-fidelity multiplex genome editing 7th Sep 2018
crispr Bookmark
Function and essentiality of Plasmodium falciparum Plasmepsin V 7th Sep 2018
crispr malaria Bookmark
Human CtIP forms a tetrameric dumbbell-shaped particle which binds and bridges complex DNA end structures for double-strand break repair 7th Sep 2018
Competition for hosts modulates vast antigenic diversity to generate persistent strain structure in Plasmodium falciparum 5th Sep 2018
malaria Bookmark
Multilayered mechanisms ensure that short chromosomes recombine in meiosis 4th Sep 2018
Shelterin and subtelomeric DNA sequences control nucleosome maintenance and genome stability 2nd Sep 2018
methylation Bookmark
Establishing Laboratory Cultures and Performing Ecological and Evolutionary Experiments with the Emerging Model Species Chironomus Riparius 31st Aug 2018
Evolution of Bacterial Gene Transfer Agents 30th Aug 2018