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Quantifying Heterogeneity in the Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits Between Ethnically Diverse Groups using Random Effect Interaction Models 21st Sep 2018
genomewide_association Bookmark
Structural variants exhibit allelic heterogeneity and shape variation in complex traits 20th Sep 2018
Disease heritability enrichment of regulatory elements is concentrated in elements with ancient sequence age and conserved function across species 19th Sep 2018
Polygenicity of complex traits is explained by negative selection 19th Sep 2018
Genetic Determinants of Cortical Structure (Thickness, Surface Area and Volumes) among Disease Free Adults in the CHARGE Consortium 10th Sep 2018
Landscape of stimulation-responsive chromatin across diverse human immune cells 6th Sep 2018
eqtl rnaseq Bookmark
A General Framework for Variable Selection in Linear Mixed Models with Applications to Genetic Studies with Structured Populations 6th Sep 2018
Evolutionary design of regulatory control. II. Robust error-correcting feedback increases genetic and phenotypic variability 5th Sep 2018
natural_selection Bookmark
EEG-based age-prediction models as stable and heritable indicators of brain maturational level in children and adolescents 4th Sep 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Progression of recent Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure to active tuberculosis is a highly heritable complex trait driven by 3q23 in Peruvians 29th Aug 2018
tuberculosis Bookmark
Human pancreatic islet 3D chromatin architecture provides insights into the genetics of type 2 diabetes 28th Aug 2018
The influence of X chromosome variants on trait neuroticism. 28th Aug 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
GxEMM: Extending linear mixed models to general gene-environment interactions 23rd Aug 2018
genomewide_association Bookmark
Assessing natural selection during range expansions: Insights from a spatially explicit ABC study 18th Aug 2018
natural_selection Bookmark
Could future gene therapy prevent aging diseases? 15th Aug 2018
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Genetic evidence that the latency III stage of Epstein-Barr Virus infection is a therapeutic target for Multiple Sclerosis 15th Aug 2018
multiple_sclerosis Bookmark
Nutritional and meiotic induction of heritable stress resistance states in budding yeast 13th Aug 2018
eQTL of KCNK2 regionally influences the brain sulcal widening: evidence from 15,597 UK Biobank participants with neuroimaging data 10th Aug 2018
brain_imaging eqtl uk_biobank Bookmark
Genome-wide association study, replication, and mega-analysis using a dense marker panel in a multi-generational mouse advanced intercross line 10th Aug 2018
genomewide_association recombination Bookmark
Transforming summary statistics from logistic regression to the liability scale: application to genetic and environmental risk scores 9th Aug 2018
genomic_prediction neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark