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A weighted burden test using logistic regression for integrated analysis of sequence variants, copy number variants and polygenic risk score D. Curtis 23rd Apr 2018
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Effect of selection on bias and accuracy in genomic prediction of breeding values G. R. Gowane...
J. H. J. V. D. Werf
9th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Polygenic risk scores for major depressive disorder and neuroticism as predictors of antidepressant response: meta-analysis of three treatment cohorts. J. Ward...
D. J. Smith
5th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Accuracy of genomic selection for growth and wood quality traits in two control-pollinated progeny trials using exome capture as genotyping platform in Norway spruce Z. Chen...
H. X. Wu
3rd Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
ESR1, WT1, WNT4, ATM and TERT loci are major contributors to uterine leiomyoma predisposition N. Välimäki...
L. A. Aaltonen
29th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
A novel, biologically-informed polygenic score reveals role of mesocorticolimbic insulin receptor gene network on impulsivity and addiction K. Mccracken...
P. Silveira
27th Mar 2018
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Polygenic risk score for schizophrenia is more strongly associated with ancestry than with schizophrenia D. Curtis 23rd Mar 2018
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Identification and prioritization of gene sets associated with schizophrenia risk by co-expression network analysis in human brain E. Radulescu...
D. R. Weinberger
23rd Mar 2018
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The Genomic Prediction of Disease: Example of type 2 diabetes (T2D) L. Sirovich 20th Mar 2018
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Association of whole-genome and NETRIN1 signaling pathway-derived polygenic risk scores for Major Depressive Disorder and thalamic radiation white matter microstructure in UK Biobank M. C. Barbu...
H. C. Whalley
14th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Subset-based genomic prediction provides insights into the genetic architecture of free amino acid levels in dry Arabidopsis thaliana seeds K. A. Bird...
R. Angelovici
26th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Genome-wide analysis of adolescent psychotic-like experiences shows genetic overlap with psychiatric disorders O. Pain...
A. Ronald
20th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Response to Therapeutic Sleep Deprivation: A Naturalistic Study of Clinical and Genetic Factors and Post-Treatment Depressive Symptom Trajectory N. Trautmann...
M. Rietschel
19th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Significant shared heritability underlies suicide attempt and clinically predicted probability of attempting suicide D. M. Ruderfer...
M. A. Rivas
15th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Optimizing Trait Predictability in Hybrid Rice Using Superior Prediction Models and Selective Omic Datasets S. Wang...
Z. Jia
7th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Genomic prediction accounting for genotype by environment interaction offers an effective framework for breeding simultaneously for adaptation to an abiotic stress and performance under normal cropping conditions in rice M. B. Hassen...
N. Ahmadi
31st Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Investigating the shared genetics of non-syndromic cleft lip/palate and facial morphology L. J. Howe...
S. J. Lewis
29th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Utility of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Trait Measure in Population Genetics: A Polygenic Risk Study C. L. Burton...
J. Crosbie
16th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Identification of loci where DNA methylation potentially mediate genetic risk of type 1 diabetes J. Ye...
G. Hemani
15th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Genome-wide gene-environment analyses of depression and reported lifetime traumatic experiences in UK Biobank J. R. I. Coleman...
G. Breen
12th Jan 2018
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