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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Cell type-specific genetic regulation of expression in the granule cell layer of the human dentate gyrus 19th Apr 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders rnaseq schizophrenia Bookmark
Genome-wide association study of Parkinson\'s disease progression biomarkers in 12 longitudinal patients\' cohorts 26th Mar 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark
Whole-genome and RNA sequencing reveal variation and transcriptomic coordination in the developing human prefrontal cortex 23rd Mar 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Assessing the role of long-noncoding RNA in nucleus accumbens in subjects with alcohol dependence 21st Mar 2019
ncrna Bookmark
Determinants of transcription factor regulatory range 20th Mar 2019
Pathogen genetic control of transcriptome variation in the Arabidopsis thaliana - Botrytis cinerea pathosystem 14th Mar 2019
Genetic analysis identifies molecular systems and biological pathways associated with household income 13th Mar 2019
4d_nucleome education_policy uk_biobank Bookmark
Genetic Basis of Alternative Polyadenylation is an Emerging Molecular Phenotype for Human Traits and Diseases 8th Mar 2019
Integrating Genome-Wide Association and eQTLs Studies Identifies the Genes Associated with Age at Menarche and Age at Natural Menopause 7th Mar 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark
Mechanistic characterization of RASGRP1 variants identifies an hnRNP K-regulated transcriptional enhancer contributing to SLE susceptibility 7th Mar 2019
systemic_lupus_erythematosus Bookmark
In-depth genetic analysis of 6p21.3 reveals insights into associations between HLA types and complex traits and disease 6th Mar 2019
cystic_fibrosis rnaseq Bookmark
On the cross-population portability of gene expression prediction models 6th Mar 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
QTL and genetic analysis controlling fiber quality traits using paternal backcross population in Upland cotton 19th Feb 2019
Deconvolution of bulk blood eQTL effects into immune cell subpopulations 16th Feb 2019
rnaseq singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Identification of functional variants for platelet CD36 expression by Massively Parallel Reporter Assay. 16th Feb 2019
crispr Bookmark
Analysis of genetically driven alternative splicing identifies FBXO38 as a novel COPD susceptibility gene 15th Feb 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
The genomic basis of mood instability: identification of 46 loci in 363,705 UK Biobank participants, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders, and association with gene expression and function. 15th Feb 2019
heritability major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia uk_biobank Bookmark
Integrating transcriptomic network reconstruction and QTL analyses reveals mechanistic connections between genomic architecture and Brassica rapa development 8th Feb 2019
Deciphering the Genetics of Major End-Use Quality Traits in Wheat 6th Feb 2019
GWAS hints at pleiotropic roles for FLOWERING LOCUS T in flowering time and yield-related traits in canola 6th Feb 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark