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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Transcriptome profiles and novel lncRNA identification of Aedes aegypti cells in response to dengue virus serotype 1 21st Sep 2018
ncrna rnaseq Bookmark
Comprehensive evaluation of differential serodiagnosis between Zika and dengue viral infection 21st Sep 2018
zika Bookmark
Quantifying the impact of dengue containment activities using high-resolution observational data 30th Aug 2018
Virus-inclusive single cell RNA sequencing reveals molecular signature predictive of progression to severe dengue infection 10th Aug 2018
rnaseq singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Improved immune responses against zika virus after sequential dengue and zika virus infection in human 3rd Aug 2018
zika Bookmark
Structure mapping of dengue and zika viruses reveals new functional longrange interactions 2nd Aug 2018
zika Bookmark
Ezetimibe inhibits dengue virus infection in huh 7 cells by blocking the cholesterol transporter niemannpick c1 like 1 receptor 2nd Aug 2018
Dtkdengue a new agentbased model of dengue virus transmission dynamics 26th Jul 2018
Dengue virus infection changes aedes aegypti oviposition olfactory preferences 26th Jul 2018
Maternal immunity and antibodies to dengue promote zika virusinduced microcephaly in fetuses 25th Jul 2018
zika Bookmark
Modelbased assessment of public health impact and costeffectiveness of dengue vaccination following screening for prior exposure 25th Jul 2018
Emergence of a Dengue virus serotype 2 causing the largest ever dengue epidemic in Sri Lanka A. Wijewickrama...
G. N. Malavige
23rd May 2018
Early transcriptional responses after dengue vaccination mirror the response to natural infection and predict neutralizing antibody titers S. J. Popper...
D. A. Relman
6th May 2018
Inter-annual variation in seasonal dengue epidemics driven bymultiple interacting factors in Guangzhou, China R. J. Oidtman...
H. Yu
30th Apr 2018
Molecular dynamics suggests antiviral compounds active against Dengue Virus show similar binding patterns to Zika Virus proteins D. F. D. L. Neto...
P. M. Zanotto
28th Apr 2018
zika Bookmark
T cell responses to nonstructural protein 3 distinguish infections by Dengue and Zika viruses B. B. Herrera...
P. J. Kanki
21st Apr 2018
zika Bookmark
Infectivity of dengue virus serotypes 1 and 2 is correlated to E protein intrinsic dynamics but not to envelope conformations K. K. Sharma...
T. Wohland
18th Apr 2018
How small-molecule inhibitors of dengue-virus infection interfere with viral membrane fusion L. H. Chao...
S. C. Harrison
22nd Mar 2018
A dengue monovalent vaccine with novel structure provides cross-protection against four serotypes of dengue virus D. Chao...
S. Wu
5th Mar 2018
Regulation of midgut cell proliferation impacts Aedes aegypti susceptibility to dengue virus M. L. Taracena...
G. O. Paiva-Silva
24th Feb 2018
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