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Intratumoral MAPK and PI3K signaling pathway heterogeneity in glioblastoma tissuecorrelates with selective CREB signaling and specific functional gene signatures P. Daniel...
T. Mantamadiotis
20th Apr 2018
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Locoregional Radiogenomic Models Capture Gene Expression Heterogeneity in Glioblastoma A. Depeursinge...
O. Gevaert
18th Apr 2018
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Integrative analysis of DNA methylation suggests down-regulation of oncogenic pathways and reduced de-novo mutation in survival outliers of glioblastoma T. Hwang...
C. Park
16th Apr 2018
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Influence of hyaluronic acid transitions in tumor microenvironment on glioblastoma malignancy and invasive behavior J. E. Chen...
B. Harley
13th Apr 2018
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A 3D Topographical Model of Parenchymal Infiltration and Perivascular Invasion in Glioblastoma K. J. Wolf, S. Lee, S. Kumar 9th Apr 2018
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Hypoxia increases the tempo of evolution in the peri-necrotic niche in glioblastoma D. R. Grimes...
D. Basanta
3rd Apr 2018
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Altered function of the glutamate aspartate transporter GLAST in glioblastoma S. Pellegatta...
G. Finocchiaro
23rd Mar 2018
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Human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells treated with okadaic acid express phosphorylated high molecular weight tau immunoreactive protein species M. Boban...
G. Simic
19th Mar 2018
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Dual BRD4 and AURKA Inhibition is Synergistic against MYCN-amplified and nonamplified Neuroblastoma J. Felgenhauer...
N. Shah
5th Mar 2018
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Perivascular signals alter global genomic profile of glioblastoma and response to temozolomide in a gelatin hydrogel B. Harley, M. Ngo 3rd Mar 2018
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Critical comparison of ultracentrifugation and a commercial kit for isolation of exosomes derived from glioblastoma and breast cancer cell lines S. Bekhradnia...
S. R. Wilson
2nd Mar 2018
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Brain Tumor Type Classification via Capsule Networks. P. Afshar, K. N. P. . A. Mohammadi 1st Mar 2018
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Aberrant resting-state functional brain networks in dyslexia: Symbolic mutual information analysis of neuromagnetic signals S. I. Dimitriadis...
A. Papanicolaou
27th Feb 2018
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Development of a novel protein identification approach to define mitochondrial proteomic signatures in glioblastoma oncogenesis: T98G vs U87MG cell lines model. L. Gomez-Caudillo...
S. Encarnacion-Guevara
26th Feb 2018
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Epigenetic Profiling for the Molecular Classification of Metastatic Brain Tumors J. I. J. Orozco...
D. M. Marzese
22nd Feb 2018
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Modeling brain dynamics in brain tumor patients using The Virtual Brain H. Aerts...
D. Marinazzo
15th Feb 2018 Reviews
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Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins determine glioblastoma stem-like cells fate depending on oxygen level A. Souberan...
A. Tchoghandjian
2nd Feb 2018
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Neuromagnetic signatures of the spatiotemporal transformation for reaching G. Blohm...
J. D. Crawford
25th Jan 2018
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High-resolution wide-field human brain tumor margin detection and in vivo murine neuroimaging D. Yecies...
A. D. L. Zerda
22nd Jan 2018
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Wnt signalling drives context-dependent differentiation or proliferation in neuroblastoma M. Szemes...
K. Malik
12th Jan 2018
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