Review for "The queenslandensis and the type form of the dengue fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti L.) are genomically indistinguishable"

Completed on 29 Sep 2016

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An interesting and useful contribution to understanding of Aedes aegypti population biology / genetics, and the date presented further allay any potential concerns that deployment of Wolbachia or RIDL-based control may be stymied by mating barriers, at least in Asia or Latin America. The study seems well conducted and methodologically sound.

We thank the reviewer for the overall positive assessment of our work.

85 'his recommendations have been largely disregarded' - I don't think this is really true - it is not a widely held view among contemporary mosquito biologists that Ae. aegypti outside of Africa should be divided into forms based on colour or exist as reproductively isolated sub-populations, especially given several recent population genetic papers providing evidence to the contrary. The Chen paper seems an exception in this respect; perhaps the anomalous results in that paper may have been a result of collections conducted over a period of a number of years.

Please see above our explanation of this statement (citation) and the rationale for further testing of the Chan et al (2014) findings.

It might be useful in intro or discussion to give a little more information on the putative queenslandensis form, e.g. Mediterranean populations were recorded as belonging to this light form prior to their eradication, and possible behavioural / oviposition differences.

As per reviewer’s recommendations, we have added more information on the Mediterranean light form in the Introduction (line 81-84).

268-9 do the light colour variants ever arise in the lab populations used for release? (which will have been outcrossed with wild material).

The light color individuals indeed show up (albeit very rarely) in our laboratory populations originating from the release areas. We have now added this statement to Discussion (line 239-242).

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