Review for "Subject-specific body segment parameter estimation using 3D photogrammetry with multiple cameras"

Completed on 24 Nov 2014 by Heinrich Mallison. Sourced from Publons:


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Comments to author

Basic reporting

all fine

Experimental design

overall, all fine. However, I have marked a few places in the MS where the authors could, maybe even should, go into more details (maybe in the form of an appendix) so that using their method becomes easier for others.

Validity of the findings

I didn't check every individual number. That said, overall everything looks fine. Also, the authors are appropriately cautious and detail clearly what their results are versus conclusions and speculation.

I would like to see two or three extreme data points added - a very obese person or a child. Not a must, but it would go a long way to distinguish this study further from typical regression-based approaches, as it would highlight the strengths very well (assuming it works).

Comments for the author

There are a few spelling etc. issues, please fix.
Otherwise, a very good paper.
As I commented in the MS PDF, there are a few things I would like to see added or detailed better - not a must, though!

Sorry I took the full ten days for this! I had other reviews with short deadlines in parallel, otherwise this could have been done in one day.