Review for "Structural and functional MRI from a cross-sectional Southwest University Adult lifespan Dataset (SALD)"

Completed on 25 Aug 2017 by Krzysztof Jacek Gorgolewski .

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Only a small percentage of neuroimaging data is being shared openly. The number of datasets expanding beyond caucasian white population and spanning wide range of ages is even smaller. Therefore this dataset is a valuable contribution to the field and merits a publication conditional on certain improvements.

Comments to author


- I strongly recommend distributing the dataset in the Brain Imaging Data Structure ( format instead of the current custom file organization. This will greatly increase the ease of reuse and validation of the dataset.

- The dataset should be validated using bids-validator ( to check for missing scans and consistency of scanning parameters across all subject.

- It is not clear if the anatomical and resting state scans were acquired during one or two separate sessions.

- "Image acquisitions" section mentions task data, but no other details are provided and files are missing. Is task data suppose to be part of this release?

- Context of the resting state scan should be explained - was it performed after or before a particular task?

- Please share the code/scripts/config files used to perform the analyses


- No "known issues" are reported in the paper. Is it really try that in such a large sample there were no scans that caused your concern?

- DPARSF is misspelled as DPARF

- Please provide which version of DPARSF was used

- The "Sex" column in the demographics Excel file appears twice

- I would advice against using Jet colormap in Figure 5 since it's perceptually inaccurate

- Labels on the axes of figures 2 and 3 are unreadable

Looking forward to reviewing a revised version of this paper.